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A new way to approach
digital marketing

Who we are

At Coretas, we are passionate about harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to elevate your digital marketing strategies. With a team of seasoned professionals at the intersection of AI and marketing, we bring a unique blend of innovation and expertise to transform your online presence.

Our Services


Google Ads

Our team of experts begins by understanding your business goals, target audience, and unique selling propositions. We develop a customized Google Ads strategy that aligns with your objectives, ensuring maximum
impact and return on investment.


Meta Ads

Our Meta Ads services begin with a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives and target audience. We develop tailored campaign strategies on the Meta platform to maximize your brand's visibility and achieve specific marketing goals.


AI-Powered Market Expansion

At Coretas, we've revolutionized digital marketing with our cutting-edge AI software. Our proprietary technology seamlessly extracts valuable insights from social media platforms, transforming them into a powerful tool for enhancing Google and Meta Ads campaigns.

Digital marketing is driven by ad hoc techniques

Digital marketing campaigns have become an essential part of every brand's marketing strategy. With the rise of social media platforms and the internet's widespread reach, a campaign can reach millions of people. Digital marketing runs on auctioning ad space for keywords used in searches and interests that characterize individual users. Both of them are selected in an ad-hoc, suboptimal way. Existing tools fall short because they provide generic dashboards, not specific guidance.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 7.24.34 PM.png

Coretas expands your market

We exploit social media data using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to get actionable information that can be directly fed into Google Ads and Meta Ads. By uncovering non-obvious keywords and interests for our customer’s industries and products, we decrease the cost of their digital marketing campaigns and increase their total qualitative reach. Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) in Markets you never imagined!

Our Mission

Empowering businesses through cutting-edge AI solutions, we aim to
revolutionize the digital marketing landscape. Our mission is to deliver
unparalleled results, driving growth, and maximizing your ROI through the
strategic application of artificial intelligence

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